Data / Artwork File Formats

Logo artwork used for laser engraving into various products must be in an acceptable format to ensure good quality results in the laser engraved image. The process used for laser engraving is different than the process used for printing on your printer. An image that looks good on a printer, may not engrave well on a product.

For laser engraving and CNC milling acceptable file formats include the following:

*.cdr, *.pdf (in curves), *.ai, *.dxf, *.dwg, *.plt.

For *.cdr, *.ai, *.dxf, *.dwg formats save your data in older versions to ensure compatibility.

Thin lines are used for cutting paths. Motives filled with black are used for engraved areas. The minimum width of a line to be engraved is 0.2mm. White areas are not to be engraved.

Use a different color for cutting paths and for engraved motive.

For laser engraving we also accept high quality pixel graphic in the following formats: PNG, TFF, JPG. The image must be black and white, motive black, background white or transparent.

We can prepare the data for you or re-design the image provided. This additional service is charged per hour and the price depends on the complexity of your requirements.


All our products are made to order based on specific customer requirements. We do not have an official price list, and all stated prices are indicative. The final price depends on various factors: data provided, the size and the complexity of your logo or design, used material and surface finishing, and additional services required such as installation of the product or help with designing your logo / sign.

Please email for a quote.


We ship our products to any address in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia.

The price of shipping may vary based on the size of the product and the current rates of the shipping carrier.

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